Digital Transformation North America

The telecommunications industry is in a catch-22: New digital architectures, processes and work practices such as Agile software development, DevOps, cloud and microservices can help communications service providers (CSPs) address the pressure they’re under to cut costs and find new sources of revenue, but organizational silos and cultural issues like hierarchies, red tape and aversion to risk are standing in the way.

Digital Transformation North America has been designed to help explore these challenges and provide direction for transformation.

Come for the topics that matter

Whether your job role focuses on the business outcomes and customer delivery or the architecture and technical delivery of new digital services, we have sessions for you.

Delegates tasked with executing an agile technical vision for digital transformation will learn how to:

• Design the OSS/BSS of the future with Open Digital Architecture (ODA)
• Innovate, launch, and control new offerings with Open APIs
• Use Open Source Platforms to support the use of AI & Machine Learning
• Rapidly design and deploy services and products
• Build Microservices in the Open Digital Lab

Delegates responsible for deploying a business-driven digital transformation strategy will learn how to:

  • Conduct a Digital Maturity assessment to determine where are you in the journey
  • Build partnerships to create sustainable and profitable digital ecosystems
  • Use AI to accelerate innovation, boost productivity and improve decision making
  • Create a data-driven, convenient and personalized digital customer journey

Turn your learnings into reality at Action Week:

After Digital Transformation North America you will have a clearer idea about your role and how do you contribute in this culture of constant change.

Take all that you have learned and use it to shape and influence best practices and standards at Action Week.  Work on live projects covering topics such as AI and Data Analytics, Customer Experience Management, Digital Ecosystems, Open APIs and more.

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Event Highlights

Need More Convincing? Don't Take Our Word for It...

This event is valuable as it helps us work with other companies across the ecosystem to create a vision together and make it real.

Program Manager, Orange

As a TM Forum member, Verizon is proud to be associated in the Catalyst projects. We believe in bringing together digital businesses from all areas to focus on developing valuable partnerships that explore growth opportunities

SVP, IT for Network and Technology, Verizon

No one company can do it all. We need to recognize that as an industry we’re going to have to collaborate… As an industry we can identify what our core strengths are and then build on top of that. It’s really easy to say but very hard to do

General Manager, AT&T