Event Highlights

Real solutions to transform your business!

At Digital Transformation North America get an in-depth look at innovative solutions developed collaboratively by TM Forum members that tackle a diverse range of digital business opportunities and challenges such as agility, machine learning, open source APIs, trust, AI, zero-touch, self-service, 5G and more.

What makes Digital Transformation North America different?

  • A collaborative environment -industry leaders share their knowledge and innovative solutions to common business challenges
  • Hands-on guidance and adoptable best practices
  • Free trial access to Curate Fx – a cloud-based enterprise software service that lets you make faster, more confident, highly collaborative decisions around complex business scenarios
  • Proof-of-concept Catalysts projects, showcasing truly unique innovative solutions

Come see our globally acclaimed Catalyst Proof-of-Concept Projects!

What if you could get 5 people instead of 1 working together to solve your business challenge? This is the Catalyst program

Join us in Dallas to see our proof-of-concept Catalyst projects showcasing innovative, commercially viable prototypes of new digital services and business models leveraging TM Forum’s best practices and standards including Frameworx and Open APIs.

View Catalysts

What business challenges do you face? Solve them in Dallas, with:

  • Inspirational Keynotes each morning from Verizon, AT&T, Google, Capital One, SIGFOX and more
  • Three parallel conference tracks exploring the topics of Agile Ops & IT, Customer Centricity & Analytics, and Internet of Everything
  • Interactive sessions lead by industry experts and get an in-depth look at proof-of-concept Catalyst projects
  • Leverage of your TM Forum membership through collaboration, Catalysts, CurateFx, Digital Maturity & Model and speak to subject matter experts

Need More Convincing? Don't Take Our Word for It...

This event is valuable as it helps us work with other companies across the ecosystem to create a vision together and make it real.

Program Manager, Orange

As a TM Forum member, Verizon is proud to be associated in the Catalyst projects. We believe in bringing together digital businesses from all areas to focus on developing valuable partnerships that explore growth opportunities

SVP, IT for Network and Technology, Verizon

No one company can do it all. We need to recognize that as an industry we’re going to have to collaborate… As an industry we can identify what our core strengths are and then build on top of that. It’s really easy to say but very hard to do

General Manager, AT&T