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screen-shot-2016-12-13-at-13-19-47Where you see this symbol there is a presentation ready for download. Simply click the icon and the presentation will open in a new window ready for you to download. Please note that some presenters ask us not to share their materials. If you have any questions please contact us.

Day 1

  • Chairperson: Rebecca Sendel, VP, Catalysts & Services, Collaboration, TM Forum
  • 9:00 am
    KEYNOTE: Delivering on the Promise of Digital through the Power of Collaboration
    Andy Tiller,
    EVP, Collaboration & Innovation, TM Forum
    • Moving beyond connectivity to seize the unique capabilities of the industry focusing creativity, and agility to drive innovation
    • Examining every aspect of how you do business to rethink your path on this complex journey to become a digital service enabler and provider
    • Running more efficient, leaner businesses centering on the customer experience
    • Realizing the $650 billion-dollar potential in becoming ecosystem curators and enablers for other industries
  • 9:30 am
    KEYNOTE: Emerging Technologies Delivering the Networks of the Future
    Srinivasa Kalapala,
    Vice President, Global Technology and Supplier Strategy, Verizon

    The emerging intelligent and immersive era of digital transformation presents tremendous challenges on carrier networks and will create opportunities to deliver new services and new experiences. Softwarization, intelligence and distributed clouds will transform the way carriers build and operate networks. In this changing landscape, how do we innovate to meet the disparate use cases and customer needs?

  • 10:00 am
    KEYNOTE: The Growing Promise of Machine Learning
    Michael Murphy,
    Customer Engineer, Google

    • Leveraging machine intelligence as a key enabling technology especially in the growing area of voice and speech recognition
    • Adopting artificial intelligence to drive smarter and more productive core consumer service
    • Discussing the importance this transition as IoE based devices and services proliferate the market place and how organizations are investing in programmable network operating and augmented cognition systems
    • Enabling the network connect seemingly unrelated data to identify potential issues and fully automate operational decisions to proactively take steps to fix them
    • Using operational intelligence and cognitive reasoning to improve service assurance and enable self-service capabilities
    • Examining how “proactive bots” can scour the network, devices and services to recognize fault signatures and proactively fix issues before customers are impacted
    • Understand the role of APIs in partnering and expanding your company’s services

  • 10:30 am
    Morning Networking Break
  • 11:00 am
    KEYNOTE: Business Insight- Enhanced Data Analytics by Visualization
    Chee Ching,
    VP of Network & Shared Services Solutions Management, AT&T
    • Utilizing Geospatial Analytics  to optimize ROI through advanced data visualization tools
    • Evaluating local market solutions opportunities through hyper-local visualization tools.
    • Prioritize, validate and assess the fiber build plan strategy to ensure maximized return on capital investments
  • 11:30 am
    KEYNOTE: The Age of Collaboration: Open API Movement
    Bill Lambertson,
    Global Director, Cloud Strategy and Solutions, Telecommunications Industry, IBM Corporation
    • Deep-diving into the Open API program and the enabling capabilities for platform-based architectures
    • Sharing how members are creating new revenues by exposing their networks services using TM Forum APIs
    • Examining APIs in a legacy environment and ensuring equality of treatment in a regulated environment
    • Assessing how Open APIs are accelerating and grow the consumption of services to increase value in the marketplace
  • 12:00 pm
    WORKSHOP: Building a Comprehensive Digital Transformation Strategy
    Aaron Boasman,
    VP Content, Research & Media, TM Forum

    A well thought-out digital transformation strategy is the bedrock for surviving in today’s digital economy and companies that manage to create a solid strategic framework for their digital transformation will be the fierce competitors of tomorrow.

    Although the transformation journey will vary widely from one company to the next, depending on the specific business needs and focus, companies that are successfully addressing the complexities of digital transformation displays similarities in their strategic approaches.

    This discussion will center around the common factors that every digital transformation strategy should comprise – from assessing your company’s digital maturity of your company and having a clear vision and understanding of your business’ future needs in terms of technology and business model transformation to understanding where to focus your effort and instilling a culture of innovation to drive the necessary changes.  This session will focus on TM Forum’s Digital Maturity Model and will include an opportunity for you to ‘place your bets’ on where you are going to spend your digital transformation money.

  • 1:00 pm
    Networking Luncheon
  • Chairperson: Andy Tiller, EVP, Collaboration & Innovation , TM Forum
  • 2:00 pm
    CATALYST PRESENTATION: Partnering Platforms for MEF Services
    Andrew Larmour,
    Solution Architect, DGIT Systems

    Champions: MEF, Orange, Telstra, Vodafone.
    Participants: DGIT Systems, Ciena, Inomial, Riverbed

    • Discussing how MEF Ethernet Service Components are modeled in the Telflow SID compliant catalog, instantiated in product inventory and generated through orchestration when required
    • Using the TM Forum MEF Sonata to order from third. Party Network Operators through Telflow Ordering APIs and then provisioning them onto network devices through the Blue Planet Network Service Orchestration
    • Exploring how Blue Planet can represent complete and conformant MEF service entities for real time control and manage the lifecycle of these service entities
    • Examining how a dynamic network service orchestrator coupled with a dynamic catalog driven OSS can achieve Agility all the way from the customer and marketplace through to the network
  • 2:30 pm
    ONAP: The Network Automation Platform Driving Open Source & Standards Harmonization
    Arpit Joshipura,
    GM Networking, Linux Foundation
    • 5G/IOT/Cloud are major drivers and disruptors that mandate Network Automation
    • Open Source Networking, enabled by Linux Foundation is proving an end to end view on Carrier solutions and working to harmonize open source and standards
    • Learn what ONAP (Open Network Automation Platform) will create as the largest shared technology investment project at LF and across standards organizations globally
  • 3:00 pm
    Relationships of ONAP and OSS/BSS
    Jenny Huang,
    Lead of OSS/BSS Standards Strategy Group, AT&T

    ONAP is being seen as the future network operating system (Net OS), it refactors some of the traditional siloed OSS/BSS functions to enable business and service agility.  This talk will highlight those refactoring features in ONAP and the complementary aspects of  ONAP and future OSS/BSS.

  • 3:30 pm
    Afternoon Networking Break
  • Chairperson: Aaron Boasman, Vice President, Content, Research & Media, TM Forum
  • 4:00 pm
    Expanding Customer Self-service to Give Consumers What They Want
    Jerrid Hamann,
    Digital User Experience Strategist, Verizon
    • Guiding customers to their next best action through intelligence, analytics, and design
    • Ensuring the digital self-service platform is a seamless part of the overall Customer Journey
    • Understanding and supporting the wide range of customers’ interest and expertise
  • 4:30 pm
    AI & Cognitive Analytics: Real-world Implementations Achieving Results Today
    Shelley Schlueter,
    Head of Analytics Marketing, Nokia
    • Creating actionable, predictive intelligence to optimize business processes, increase productivity and effectiveness, and most importantly, improve customer experience
    • Becoming a proactive service-oriented organization by identify and addressing issues within hours, rather than weeks or months to provide a markedly better experience
    • Identifying opportunities for improvement and areas of potential concern to reduced downtime and increased production levels
  • 5:00 pm
    Networking Reception

Day 2

  • Chairperson: Andy Tiller, EVP, Collaboration & Innovation, TM Forum
  • 9:00 am
    WORKSHOP: Finding your Footing in the Broader Digital Ecosystem
    Rebecca Sendel,
    VP, Services and Catalysts, TM Forum

    The complexity of ecosystems management has really come to the surface as an issue that needs to be tackled.  At the TM Forum we’ve been working on creating best practices for defining, designing and scoping new ecosystem-based digital products and services that have many stakeholders and complex management challenges.  In this workshop, we will introduce you to the TM Forum methodologies and how they fit together to help you streamline your process for new business scenario development, accelerate evaluation of new business opportunities, and create the best possible set of requirements to bridge the gap between business and IT. You will work through your own ecosystem project as part of the session and learn how these methodologies can be applied in your own business using TM Forum’s ecosystem management tool, CurateFx.

    • Introduction to TM Forum’s ecosystem mapping/business scenario tool
    • Transforming existing business models, re-defining relationships and generating revenue
    • How to leverage existing tools available to ease integration in the broader digital ecosystem
    • Facilitating collaboration and offering integrated products and services
    • Overcoming the technical challenges to collaboration and integration of products and services
    • Guaranteeing successful, speedy partner on-boarding and continued synergies in a fastpaced environment
    • Developing and evolving repeatable and consistent processes and approaches to partnering

    Click Here  to learn more about CurateFX and see how it is currently being used in our Catalyst projects.

  • 10:00 am
    Top 5 Innovations in IoE: Drivers of the Future
    Emily Soelberg,
    AVP – IOT Programs, AT&T
    • Examining how smaller form factors, longer battery life and lower costs are unlocking IoT innovation.
    • Exploring how 5G technology will pave the way for a new generation of IoT use cases.
    • Understanding how in-country solutions, fully-managed services and platforms and global standardization can enable seamless connectivity around the world.
  • 10:30 am
    Morning Networking Break
  • 11:00 am
    Unleashing IoT Technology to the Full Potential
    William Wark,
    Sr. Director – Asset Management & Supply Chain Logistics, SIGFOX
    • Understanding the Technology Evolution (CDMA, GSM, LTE, LWPA, etc)
    • Improve operational processes, increase revenue and reduce operational cost
    • Ubiquitous Connectivity, Low Cost and Energy Efficient
    • Simple rollout planning and execution
  • 11:30 am
    Intelligent Buildings and the Impact of IoT
    Greg Walker,
    Research Director, Continental Automated Buildings Association (CABA)

    This session will present the finding from a $150,000 market research project CABA recently completed.  The goal of this research was to provide a comprehensive examination of all the major aspects of IoT related to buildings, including:  state of the market, building IoT trends, business opportunities, technical barriers and opportunities, future market direction, issues, use cases and industry recommendations.

  • 12:00 pm
    Winter is Coming: And It’s Called Privacy Regulation
    Gorav Arora,
    Director Technology, Data Protections, CTO, SafeNet, Gemalto

    The rapidly-evolving challenges of the information economy has caused a rise in the need to preserve individual privacy and autonomy.  Rules and regulations (such as GDPR, Breach notification laws, Cybersecurity Laws, etc.) are rapidly being formulated by nations, states and user/industry consortiums to ensure that all parties can thrive in such an economy.  Apart from loss of customer trust, many of these impose massive monetary penalty for violations. Thus, breaches will soon become an even more existential threat for companies.

    New technologies such as Cloud, Blockchain, IoT and Artificial Intelligence offer companies to increase efficiency, but also pose new challenges to privacy.  In this talk we aim to uncover how the rapidly evolving privacy and technology landscape is shaping today’s business in protecting its most vital raw asset – data

  • 12:30 pm
    Networking Luncheon
  • Chairperson: Aaron Boasman, Vice President, Content, Research & Media, TM Forum
  • 1:30 pm
    CATALYST PRESENTATION: Joint Agile Delivery & Test Standardization
    Frank Massoudian,
    Principal Architect, R&D System Engineering, Huawei Technologies
    Edward Pershwitz,
    Principal R&D Tools Infrastructure Architect, Huawei Technologies

    Champions: Orange, AT&T, Telecom Italia
    Participants: Huawei, Spirent, Infosys, Tech Mahindra, Neural Technologies

    • Multi-organizational Agile Development & Delivery in a Value Fabric
    • Test Standardization & Language
    • JAD Service Validation & Service Assurance
    • Next steps & Asset Contribution to TM Forum
  • 2:00 pm
    Agile Transformation to Drive Business Agility
    Chris White,
    Executive Director, Verizon IT, Sales and Ordering Systems, Verizon Enterprise Solutions

    IT Transformation

    • Transformation is not just about systems, it’s also about the people and the processes
    • Requires a culture of innovation to drive curiosity, exploration, deep dive into details when necessary

    Speed from Simplicity:

    • Simplification requires clear investment strategy resulting in system consolidation and decom roadmap
    • Identify directional platforms to align priorities and focus;  Rest of platforms maintain versus eliminate

    Framework for innovation

    • IT transformation must drive business agility linked to value not just change for change sake
    • Agility not a process, it’s a mindset, willingness to challenge the status quote
    • Detailed Framework to drive specific outcomes from BAU processes  + culture boosts
  • 2:30 pm
    Agile Customer-Centric Design & Delivery
    Mike Kendall,
    Former-Director of Customer Experience, Capital One
    Managing Director, The Customer Lab
    • Engaging everyone in your organization to create innovative customer experiences
    • Tools for adopting agile end-to-end customer-centered experience design
    • Gaining deep customer empathy and insights to build high-value solutions
    • Ideating, rapid-experimentation with customers, prototyping, and customer co-creation
    • Scaling, implementing, and improving designs
  • 3:00 pm
    Afternoon Networking Break
  • 3:30 pm
    IoT and the Customer
    Juliet Shavit,
    CEO, SmartMark

    The Internet of Things has provided an unprecedented platform for industries to engage with consumers. The digitization and transformation of their networks and their businesses also offers a double edged sword. With new technologies including advanced analytics comes new responsibility to be responsive in real-time and meet the dynamically changing needs of consumers. The pressure has never been greater to improve customer experience and with social media becoming the de facto place to complain publicly, the environment has never been more challenging.

    This session will discuss how different industries are evolving their customer models to meet the needs of an IoT world, and the role of the operator in supporting these business customers.

  • 4:00 pm
    Personalization: Making it Simple, Seamless and Scalable
    Jared Anderson,
    Associate Director – Technology, AT&T Partner Exchange, AT&T
    • Establishing omnichannel solutions that can capture all information on first contact customers so they never have to repeat themselves from one agent to the next
    • Leveraging powerful personalization capabilities based on persona-driven, real-time analytics and persistent customer information to infer intent and generate next best actions
    • Exploring customer personas or behavioral data from multiple sources to generate compelling personalized offers
    • Creating offers to acquire or retain customers and during care interactions –customers prefer to never have a “care interaction”
  • 4:30 pm
    Smart Billing: A Customer-Centric Approach to Grow Value and Profit
    Sabitha Vikram,
    Principal Architect, T-Mobile
    • Exploring the key factors that influence the customer centric bill presentation
    • Creating a digital and cloud architecture strategy for excellent customer experience
    • Identifying some of the obstacles to overcome for customer centric software architecture